Jan 18, 2024, 16:44 IST

Guru Gorakshanath ji on performing pooja at Ram Mandir: I am blessed to be part of this

Guru Gorakshanath ji on performing pooja at Ram Mandir: I am blessed to be part of this

Vedic sage Shri Gorakshanath Gurujee , the founder of the Siddhamath Ashram, is one of the pandits who will be performing pooja at the Ram Mandir inauguration. He says that it’s a big honour for him. The inauguration will take place on January 22.

“People are filled with joy and there are moments of bliss. It's a matter of pride for me, a source of happiness. We're fortunate to witness the culmination of 500 years of our ancestors' struggles, now manifesting as a conscious awakening. Though those who underwent the struggles may not be physically present, we perceive their efforts, and it's a hidden treasure for us. We are blessed and feel fortunate, attributing it to both the unseen struggles and the grace of the divine. All fellow citizens of India are finding pure joy in this,” he says.

He adds, “Everyone contributes in their own way. Just like when something important is happening, there's a grand ceremony, similarly, the Ram Mandir is like a significant event for Lord Rama. The magnitude of joy is immense when notable individuals depart or are going, and there's a sense of fulfilment in that as well.”

Talking about performing puja there, he says, “I consider myself incredibly fortunate. It's a big deal for me that I've been chosen for this responsibility, not just as a representative of Maharashtra among the 121 Pandits, but also to serve the divine purpose. I genuinely feel blessed to be part of this, and it brings me immense joy and pride. Speaking of worship, in the Sanatan Dharma, the ritual of pran pratishtha is profound. It signifies that within every stone, there is a fragment of humanity, a spark of life and consciousness. Seeing this subtle spirituality, when we begin the consecration with devotion, it feels like the divine work of Lord Rama is spreading everywhere, bringing joy.”

Ask him what does he want to say about the way the temple has been made, and he says, “This architectural creation is becoming more than just a Ram Mandir; it's evolving into the embodiment of India. It's not just about the temple; it's shaping up to represent the essence of India on a global scale. It will stand as an iconic symbol of India worldwide, embodying the spirit and culture of the nation in its architectural form.”

He adds, “This temple is not just becoming a place of worship; it is evolving into a supreme representation of India's art, culture, inclusivity, and the traditions of its people. It encompasses the wisdom of guidance, scientific insight, spiritual realization, a reflection of India, and the divine vision of Lord Rama's incarnation. It serves as a tangible reminder for humanity to understand how to live together – the relationship between brothers, the harmony among siblings, the respect for elders, the coexistence of rulers and subjects. The Ram Mandir is a symbolic embodiment of these principles.”