Apr 11, 2024, 18:11 IST

What makes Eid special for Actors!

What makes Eid special for Actors!

As the world celebrates the auspicious occasion of Eid today,  actors too partake in the celebrations that they hold dear to their heart

Sara Khan:
For me ,Eid is happiness in simple words. You meet everyone with love and forget all the grudges, if any. It’s a day to celebrate love and affection. This year, I am going to celebrate Eid with my mom, dad, sister, and a few close friends, who are like family.

Vaquar Shaikh:
Eid is really special to me because it marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting and spiritual reflection. It's a time when I express gratitude for the blessings received during Ramadan and celebrate with family gatherings, charity, and forgiveness. Eid al-Fitr, in particular, is a joyous occasion as it signifies a fresh start after a month of spiritual renewal.

Sheezan Khan:
Ramadan has always been very special and the whole 30 days feel like a festival for us. Although, nowadays, the festive season is not celebrated as much as we used to during our childhood days but we have so many memories of it. We used to visit our grandparents' home and exchange Iftaari with our neighbours and doing that with everyone would be so much fun. One thing which Ramadan teaches us is that you should know how to have patience in life, and I believe that the best way to test patience is by fasting. You abide by no wrong things, no fights, no arguments, Although, we should practice it for all 12 months. I try to fast for all 30 days, but sometimes I miss it, yet I am always present during Iftaari. I usually don't step out but celebrate Iftaari at home with my family and pray.

Sumbul Touqeer:
Ramadan is a period of purification, a holy month during which I feel good and positive. It is a cleansing period for our soul. As I have a show on air currently, I will be shooting too. But whenever possible, I may keep a few roze. I believe in the power of prayers and wish peace and happiness for everyone. Iftaari is like a feast, and I enjoy eating fruits, seviyan, sheer korma, and phirni. My only wish is to celebrate it with my entire family, where all my cousins receive eidi from my chachus and badepapas. It is a joyous and fun occasion. These moments become so special, and even as time passes, the warmth and love we share with family during Eid stay with us forever.

Adaa Khan:
Experiencing the glory of the holy month of Ramadan with all of the fasting, reciting the holy Quran, prayers, charity and piety in itself is a reward to every believer.

Romiit Raaj:
Although I'm not a Muslim, Eid holds significance for me as a celebration of diversity, unity, and cultural richness. It's a time to learn about and appreciate different traditions, values, and customs. Some of my favorite memories associated with learning about Eid include witnessing the joy and sense of community among my Muslim friends and colleagues, as well as experiencing the warmth and hospitality during Eid gatherings. Some of the dishes I enjoy eating during Eid include biryani, kebabs, samosas, sheer khurma (vermicelli pudding), and various traditional desserts like gulab jamun and baklava.

Gulfam Khan Hussain:
Eid, for me, is happiness. Most of you know I celebrate all festivals with zest and vigor, so Eid being a festival that was celebrated by my family, brings a nostalgic feel of togetherness. One of My fondest memory is getting a rupee coin from Dada during Eid. My father lost his parents when he was young so his best friend's father used to visit us during Eid, we called him 'Dada' (grandpa) and he would make us stand in a queue as he would fish out one rupee coins from his deep pockets and give one to each of us. Then we would go to Papa, who would give us a lot of money, which we splurged all day. On Eid, I love to make Sheer Khurma and Mummy (my mother in law) makes Biryani... That's our staple diet for Eid.