Jul 10, 2024, 20:53 IST

The entourage culture has indeed taken the industry by storm: Sherleen Dutt

The entourage culture has indeed taken the industry by storm: Sherleen Dutt

Actress Sherleen Dutt, who has been a part of 'KINK' and 'Honey Trap Squad', feels the entourage culture has taken the industry by storm. Referring to Anurag Kashyap’s recent interview where he opened up about the entourage culture that exists in the industry, and said that actors come with their own team of 7-8 people, and they are allowed to do it because he or she is the actor of the film. He further said that the entourage makes it a crowd; they are quite demanding, and it increases the cost too.

Sherleen has supported him and said, “The entourage culture has indeed taken the industry by storm, as observed by Anurag Kashyap. The fairness of this trend can be seen from multiple perspectives. On one hand, actors bringing their entourage—comprising assistants, hair and makeup artists, and social media teams—ensure that they are well-prepared, confident, and able to focus on their performance. This can enhance the overall quality of the production.”

“On the other hand, such a large entourage can increase costs significantly and create a crowded, potentially disruptive environment on set. The fairness of this practice depends on balancing the actor’s needs with the logistical and financial constraints of the production,” she added.

Anurag had also pointed out that there is one person who is making reels and handling social media of the celebrity. To this Sherleen said, “The presence of a dedicated person to create social media content, such as reels, highlights the importance of online presence for actors today. While it reflects the changing dynamics of the industry and the necessity for actors to maintain a strong social media presence, it can also be argued that this trend has gone too far.”

“The primary focus on social media can sometimes overshadow the creative process and lead to distractions on set. However, it is also a reflection of the evolving nature of celebrity and audience engagement in the digital age,” she added.

Sherleen also believes that having too many people on the set can disturb the atmosphere and potentially invade the privacy of other actors. She said, “This can create tension and discomfort, especially for actors who prefer a more intimate and focused working environment. However, it’s also important to acknowledge that an actor providing work for seven or eight individuals can be seen as a positive contribution to the industry.”


“This not only creates jobs but also helps in building a reliable team that understands the actor's needs and enhances their performance.

Ultimately, while some actors might feel envious or uncomfortable with another actor’s large entourage, it's crucial to recognize that each actor's approach is unique and tailored to their comfort and professional needs. Balancing individual preferences with the collective harmony of the set is key to ensuring a productive and respectful working environment for all,” she ended.