Apr 13, 2024, 20:50 IST

Rajit Dev Organises Zaalim dance workshop with Nora Fatehi

Rajit Dev Organises Zaalim dance workshop with Nora Fatehi

Choreographer Rajit Dev gave his budding dancers a surprise when he invited actress Nora Fatehi to be part of his workshop. He was teaching the steps to his popular song Zaalim when in walked Nora!

“This time when my choreographed song Zaalim became viral, I decided to teach it to others as well. There were so many students who turned up for the workshop. Around 100 kids joined and they were not aware of the biggest surprise. They were happily learning that’s when the talented amazing artist Nora Fatehi walked in to give a surprise. The students went crazy. They were so motivated to see such a big artist drop in to see them dance. It was almost like they all were in a dream. I'm so happy I could get my friend to come and see the workshop where students showcased the Zaalim choreography workshop,” he says.


Meanwhile, he adds that he doesn’t really plan on taking too many workshops due to lack of time. “I usually don’t get the time to teach workshops because of my busy schedule. The first song I did for a workshop was Chaleya which turned out amazing. That’s when I knew there were so many people that wanted to learn from me.”

He adds, “Since then I’ve been getting so many inquiries from all over India and abroad. Bangalore was also good where I taught for the first time on 31st March.