Dec 6, 2023, 11:51 IST

Nikhil Nanda: You can achieve your goals with a focused approach in Mumbai

Nikhil Nanda: You can achieve your goals with a focused approach in Mumbai

Mumbai has been ranked as more expensive than Sydney, Berlin and Toronto. This does not come across as a surprise for those living there. Nikhil Nanda, industrialist, fitness expert, actor and entrepreneur, agrees with the survey.

“Mumbai is a very expensive place to stay. Real estate is one of the highest and most premium in the world, however, I feel for a person to eat, drink, and get the basics, there is a wide variety of options from very cheap to very expensive. So to that extent, Mumbai is at both extreme ends from very expensive to very cheap,” he says.

It is said that Mumbai is far more professional and career-oriented than other cities, “Yes, people have no time, they are very fast-moving and professional. They talk to the point and react and act to the point. Which I believe is a good thing,” he adds.

Speaking on the pros and cons of a city like Mumbai, he says, “Talking about the pros, it is a good city if you are looking for career growth or personal growth. You can achieve your goals with a focused approach. However, the cons are that social networks are very far away, and whatever is there is related to your work. So real time friends and real time social groups don't exist in Mumbai.”

Mumbai is considered quite safe for everyone. “Mumbai is always safe, however, safety is always in context. So it is safe in the context of other cities, however in reality it probably can do much better than what it is,” he adds.

About the two changes he thinks should be done to make it a better city, he shares, “Better connectivity and a mature network like Delhi is going to be good. It's going to change the city for good. Secondly, I think if people can take their lives and themselves a little less seriously and if they are more relaxed, that is going to give a better quality index of life apart from just a professional index.”

The city leads a fast-paced life. Ask if she enjoys it or it adds to the stress and he replies, “As I said, life is very fast here. If somebody is focused on their professional goals, they will get a kick. If somebody wants a balance in life, it is going to be stressful. That's why I keep moving in and out of Mumbai just to keep my life balanced.”

In terms of expenses, Nikhil thinks real estate is the most expensive in Mumbai.