Jan 3, 2024, 15:12 IST

Monika Khanna: Life demands balance; need to be compassionate and ambitious

Monika Khanna: Life demands balance; need to be compassionate and ambitious

Actress Monika Khanna says while being ambitious is required today, you cannot ignore your emotional side as well. She adds that you need to balance the two in order to thrive.

“Maintaining a balanced viewpoint is crucial for a decent and successful life in society. You need to earn to fulfil your needs and aspirations, and at the same time, you should be kind-hearted and compassionate. Understanding others' perspectives and resolving issues in your own way is vital. Life demands balance, and if you can't help someone, it's better not to add to their pain. Sometimes, speaking unnecessarily may be entertaining for you, but it could deeply affect the other person,” she says.

She adds, “Focus on your work, pursue your dreams, but don't become so cruel that you don't understand others' struggles. Be kind and compassionate, as in the end, everyone needs to leave with the karma they've created. Be good, help others without expecting much in return, and remember, you are your own saviour. Cultivate a compassionate and kind heart, offering help when needed, without any expectations. Embrace the treasure of love and kindness within you. Even if it doesn't come back to you, you won't feel a lack of anything. This philosophy helps me navigate life. Keep doing your deeds, live your dreams, and simultaneously, be compassionate and loving to everyone. The world needs more love, especially when many are internally broken. Someone has to step up and offer support, so take that responsibility.”

Talking about making friends at work, she says, “It depends on the individual. Speaking for myself, when I make friends, it's genuine friendship without considering what utility that person might have for me. It's always about pure friendship. If the person knows me well and understands me, they'll know the dilemmas and pains I'm going through. If they genuinely want to help, they will. I prioritise building deep friendships rather than work-related companionships because the latter isn't as strong as selfless friendship. True friends stand by you in every situation and in every way, which is something I value more than work-related connections.”