Nov 25, 2023, 17:49 IST

Kunwar Amar on: Men's mental health that has been neglected so much by everyone

Kunwar Amar on: Men's mental health that has been neglected so much by everyone

Kunwar Amar who is currently seen in the hit show Anupama feels that the Mental health of men is an important issue to be addressed.  

“This is a topic that has been running in my mind for quite a long now. Men's mental health has been neglected so much by everyone that it has been accepted around the world that men don’t have emotional breakdowns and they don’t go through mental stress, men has been told since they are born that real men don’t cry, they don’t fall weak and cannot have personal issues. Today when we talk about equality and try to give it so much importance, it has subsided how men feel, even men laugh at each other for being weak for crying too much. Society has always imbalanced things by forcing their norms, first women have been forced to be in the house and not allowed to do things as they like and now men are living in fear. I feel it’s sad that we are failing to create a balance in our society and take care of each other,” he says. 

While Women’s Day is hyped, men's Day comes and goes and the world is still the same.  “I agree. Everyone still expects men to fulfill their duty and earn money to take care of their house and provide and protect everyone and they have been valued on how much they earn, the reality is that it’s hard to get woman of your dreams who values you more than your bank balance, also matters, and if you don’t make enough you won’t be valued, the impact of this is difficult to explain and not everyone can understand it because people nowadays are just ready to have an argument to put you down. Just imagine when a man has good manners and high values but he doesn’t make good money then he will not be the man everyone wants in this materialistic world,” he adds.

Women express themselves and also talk about their emotions whereas men do not. Also, for ages, we have been hearing that men don’t cry.  “I feel just like men need to have more sensitivity towards women, women also need to have the same for men. All men need is someone to hold them tight, hug them, and tell them that we love them and are proud of them, then only we will be able to have love in this world,” he says.