Updated: Jan 20, 2024, 20:20 IST

DIVINE and Karan Aujla take the internet by storm with their success anthem of the year '100 Million'

DIVINE and Karan Aujla take the internet by storm with their success anthem of the year '100 Million'

Touted as one of the biggest musical collaborations of the year, Hip-Hop Icons DIVINE and Karan Aujla are here to rule the global music charts with their first-ever single titled ‘100 Million’. Celebrating Karan Aujla’s birthday today, ‘100 Million’ serves as the perfect musical treat for the millions of fans of both artists worldwide. Directed by Rupan Bal, Dilpreetvfx, and Anmol Raina, ‘100 Million’ is a celebration of the inspiring journey and musical brilliance of Karan Aujla and DIVINE. While Karan Aujla is best known for chartbusters  like ‘Softly’, ‘White Brown Black’, ‘Mexico’, and ‘Players’ amongst more, DIVINE has topped the charts with ‘Mirchi’, ‘359 AM’, ‘Baazigar’ ‘Chal Bombay’ and others. The long-awaited collaboration between them highlights their evolution over the years and the milestones achieved as artists.

Backed by stunning visuals and powered by Karan Aujla’s lyrics and DIVINE’s rap, ‘100 Million’ stands as an anthem for those with big dreams. Marking the beginning of a groundbreaking partnership between these two hip-hop icons, the first song from their alliance, ‘100 Million’ is anticipated to become a landmark moment in the history of the hip-hop and Indian music scene.

Karan Aujla expressed his excitement about collaborating with DIVINE for the song ‘100 Million’ stating, “This is an exciting time for the Indian music scene and it was cool working with DIVINE on this song and project that shows our journey and growth as artists over the years. DIVINE is crazy talented and I’m really happy with what we made when we linked up. It’s my gift to all my fans on my birthday, who have always been with me from the start.

Adding to the same, DIVINE said, “Karan is amongst the most talented songwriters and artists of our generation and we really hit it off creatively when we met in the studio. We both share similarities in our journeys growing up and coming up, this one’s for the streets and for our fans! Rupan Bal and his team did an incredible job on the video, much love to them!”

Check out the song’s video right here:

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Offering hip-hop beats with a fusion of Punjabi, ‘100 Million’ features both Karan Aujla and DIVINE looking effortlessly suave. Out on all streaming platforms and available to watch on DIVINE’s YouTube page, the song is set to win hearts and inspire everyone to pursue their dreams.