Jan 7, 2024, 17:00 IST

Director Ismail Umar Khan: One has to fit into showbiz

Director Ismail Umar Khan: One has to fit into showbiz

Director Ismail Umar Khan says that one needs to put effort into making a place for oneself in the industry. He adds that it is important to look your best as well.
“When someone is in front of a camera, they not only have to perform well but also look good and presentable. There is so much competition in the industry that one has to fit in. Hats off to the new generation who take time for the gym no matter what pressures they go through,” he says.

He adds, “For me, walking daily for 5 km and doing a little bit of stretching exercises is enough. When I am shooting, I take along homemade food. Post Covid, I have become more health conscious. I stick to dry fruits, milk, and eggs in the morning, proper meals for lunch, fruits before evening, and dinner consisting of salad. I prefer a healthy diet and avoid aerated drinks and junk food. Maintaining a healthy diet is not rocket science; one just needs discipline, self-control, and an understanding that health is wealth.”

Talking about his diet, he says, “My diet is easy to manage except for lunch. You don’t need any extra labour to follow it. Mental fitness is a must. Stop overthinking, as nothing is in your hands. Socialize with your loved ones and keep away from toxic people. Do some breathing exercises and meditation. Gradually, one will learn to control the mind.”

Mental fitness should not be ignored as well. “One has to be more practical than emotional, as emotional people easily get hurt. Don’t expect or look for validation, particularly from the people who are closer to you. Don’t lose patience. Everything will fall in place, whatever you are longing for, be it name, fame, or love.”