Mar 4, 2024, 19:19 IST

Arti Singh talks about her successful show Shravani!

Arti Singh talks about her successful show Shravani!

When work feels like fun, then each day is enjoyable, says actress Arti Singh. Arti, who plays the role of Chandra in the show Shravani, adds that she loves being part of the show and feels lucky to be able to celebrate this milestone of 250 episodes of the Do Dooni 4 Films production.

“The show will be completing 250 episodes and the experience of shooting it has been amazing. The team is like a family to me now. From the spot department, to the cameramen Shashi Dada, Anand Dada, and other directors Amar sir, Ashish sir, and my head of production Sridhar; I feel it's my home production.  I have been given such immense love and respect. I have enjoyed each day of the shoot. In fact, I had to even undergo a surgery during the shoot and I've been taken care of like a child on the set. And that's my experience with them. It's not a set for me. It's my home,” she says.

She adds, “The story is impeccable as it’s well written by Raghuvir sir. He is one of the best writers we have in our industry.”

She says that she loves the challenges her character brings with it. “She's negative and is always manipulating things. It is not easy or difficult to play the character as such but at times, it becomes stagnant. So sometimes I try to put a comic touch to my scenes,” she adds.

Talking about working with Do Dooni 4 Films’ Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat, she says, “Raghu sir and Ravindra sir have been amazing. Ravindra sir, has directed me before as well. They are the best people to work with in the industry. They are so down to earth and are always there for anything. They are the kinds of people who want to prosper and also want people around them to prosper.”

Meanwhile, she adds that she loves being part of the small screen. “The TV industry is definitely growing and good shows are being made, new channels are coming. And I'm very happy that I am working here. I am part of the TV industry. TV has given me a lot. I've done Bigg Boss and so many shows on the small screen now. I want to continue working on TV,” she says.