Jan 3, 2024, 15:08 IST

Aniruddh Dave shares his bond with Satish Kaushik; says he is a blessing from the other side

Aniruddh Dave shares his bond with Satish Kaushik; says he is a blessing from the other side

Actor Aniruddh Dave, who will be seen in the film Kartik Aaryan starrer Chandu Champion, says that there are many artists in the industry who inspire him. One such person was late actor Satish Kaushik. He says worked with him in the film Kaagaz 2, and says that he learnt a lot from him.

“Satish Ji was my mentor. I remember preparing myself for the role of a gentleman cadet was a significant challenge for me. I was told that I should run, jog, and engage in activities like a soldier. This was a challenge for me and he was looking after me,” he says.

He adds, “So, I worked hard on my breathing and health. I decided not to do any television during that time. After that, last year, we shot the film, and it will be released in 2024. So that is also a good thing. I feel blessed, and he is blessing me from the other side, which will always be in my heart and soul because I always loved and respected him so much.”

Rest, he leaves it to fate, “The rest of my work, the audience will see, and they will decide how I look and feel in that character,” he says.

Besides being a known face on the small screen, and working in big budget films such as Bellbottom, he is also hosting the show Sikho. “See, for an actor, being on screen, being out there, constantly active, is necessary. Staying active is not only essential to show to the world but also necessary for their practice. So, whether it's the ‘vanvaas'  of an artist or a director, there is a lot to learn in that as well. So either you completely focus on your preparation, you sit quietly. Otherwise, if you keep doing something, your own growth will continue,” he says.

He adds, “So, my show, Siikho, is on the prime time slot, which is the biggest television slot. This is the prime time slot from prime minister Narendra Modi’s Mann ki Baat also during that time. I feel blessed that I am hosting a show where, in some way, I am showing an edutainment show for the students of India for a good cause. Here, people can learn and know a lot, so if there is any contribution from me, it feels good, and since it's my own work, I am doing it.”